Craig Douglas Gephart began playing bass guitar in the mid 1970’s, at the age of 15.  During his college years, he had the opportunity to work with five very talented musicians in the Christian fusion band, Second Chance. The experience working with a great group of musicians piqued his interest in pursuing similar opportunities.  In 1980, an opportunity to join a full-time Christian music ministry opened up to him and, over the next 2 1/2 years, he was privileged to be part of two more Christian touring groups;  traveling to nearly every state in the continental USA and parts of Canada.

After a 10 months of constant touring with the third group, playing a different town almost every day, Craig left the road in 1983, met his wife; they married and had two sons.  In the years that followed Craig has remained active in music on a regional level.  He served several years as a worship leader at two churches (vocals, acoustic guitar & keyboards) but worked, primarily, as a guest bass player at church services, Christian conferences, and concerts.  Craig continues to play regularly in and around the Harrisburg, PA area.

Need a bass player?  Feel free to complete the Contact Form with some detail about the scope of your need.  Craig’s rates are reasonable.  He is well-versed playing most styles of music and can work from chord charts, lead sheets, or by ear.  Improvisation?  No problemo!