Gear List

I’m not a big gear-head, never have been and doubt I ever will be.  I don’t own a room or even closet full of instruments like some players I know.  I have a few tools with which I have developed a “relationship” and that’s always been good enough for me to do what I need to do.  For me, the Real Music comes from within and that’s what makes all the difference.  When I play, it’s my hope that the Real Music inside me will be what moves you more than the gear I use.  But, for those of you who are gear-curious, here you go!

With Betts “#3” and it’s creator, Darryl Betts.


  • Betts Bass custom 6 string bass (a.k.a “#3”)
  • Conklin Groove Tools Bill Dickens Signature 7 string




  • Eden Nemesis NA-650 amplifier
  • Avatar SB-112 bass cabinet