And so it begins...

First, let me start by saying Welcome to my NEW photography website. For years I dabbled with managing content on my own WordPress sites. Then, a few years ago, I thought I'd try to establish a greater social presence and I jumped on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. I later added SmugMug as my primary photography website.

Over the past several months, however, I realized my SmugMug site was becoming more of a bottomless pit of photos and SmugMug's template system for websites simply wasn't allowing me the flexibility I wanted in presenting my work. Don't get me wrong, SmugMug is a real bargain, probably one of the best out there for the price, and their tech support people are fantastic. However, I wanted something where I could not only show photos but also engage more with people who were interested in my work. You are looking at one of the new (to me) ways I intend on doing that... through a blog. And, my new site is smartphone-ready! How cool is that?

Presently, the selection of my work on this site is rather sparse as I'm still moving in; don't be surprised if you see some rough edges for a few weeks. In the weeks ahead I will be adding content, and also working on becoming a more consistent blogger. I will also be culling photos I have posted on my former site and select what I feel are only the best of the best to show here along with brand new images. I'm excited about the possibilities and hope you'll bear with me as I work to make this the best site possible; a site you will want to visit regularly and a site you will want to tell others about (yes, please tell others)!

Anyhow, I'm glad you're here! I look forward to the possibilities of using this site to not only develop a way of sharing my work in the months and years ahead but of developing relationships with those who appreciate it.